ZEFR provides a variety of training programs that help develop the students’ critical thinking, analytical, and logical thinking skills, and prepare the students for the challenges in their advanced studies and professional careers. ZEFR also provides programs that help the educators to acquire the practical skills to make learning STEM subjects fun and easier, and to keep their gifted and advanced students engaged and challenged.

Math Olympiad Training for Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
Students are exposed to in-depth materials that require higher level thinking. In the process, they are guided to explore the patterns and correlations between the given and the unknown information, and reach the solution at ease. With a better understanding of math concepts instead of mechanically carrying out the procedures, students will be able to more easily apply the math concepts into in-depth creative problem solving. The students not only learn practical skills of challenging problem solving that are supplemental to their school curriculum, but also develop skills in creative thinking, logical reasoning, oral and written presentation and team work. Students will show better confidence and be more interested in Math and critical thinking, and improve their intellectual vitality.

Scientific, Engineering and Technological Program
Students are encouraged to develop an interest in science, engineering and technology. Different activities may include: physics  experiments, chemistry or biology lab projects, robotics, video game design, web page design and publishing on the World Wide Web, animation projects, etc. The purpose of the program is to solidify the fundamental skills they acquired at schools, and take one step further to the application arena with the assistance of the modern technologies. The programs are fun and engaging, with practices, tests, games and other fun activities that help foster and build necessary skills for future learning.

Teacher’s Institute
The people who have the most influence in children’s learning are teachers. Unlike other professional development opportunities, this program is designed to equip teachers at K-12 schools with hands-on tools and resources that they can immediately apply to their classrooms. The program will help teachers get a sound conceptual understanding of the fundamentals,  which takes the  procedural understanding of arithmetic and mathematics to a deeper level.  Our teachers’ institute aims to show participants that deep understanding of elementary ideas is attainable in even elementary and intermediate classrooms. Teachers will be equipped with the tools and resources that increase their confidence in teaching mathematics to a deeper level, especially for gifted students.

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Zoom Education Foundation & Resources

Zoom Education Foundation & Resources, (ZEFR), is a non-profit 501c(3) organization, ID# 31649, established in 2010 by community leaders to promote awareness to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, (STEM) education resources and  opportunities to all youth and families especially those who are socially and economically disadvantaged in our community.

Volunteer opportunities are available for parents, students, industry professionals, community members and business leaders to offer their time, intelligence, talents and resources to come together and help build a better society through better education. The opportunities include but are not limited to helping at public events, online and/or onsite tutoring disadvantaged students, and other areas.

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