Mission and Work

Mission Statement

Zoom Education Foundation & Resources, (ZEFR), is a non-profit 501c(3) organization, ID# 31649, that was founded by community leaders in 2010. The mission of Zoom Education Foundation & Resources (ZEFR) is to promote education in the fields of math, science, engineering and technology especially to those individuals who are socially & economically disadvantaged; to increase the cultural awareness of the importance of math, science, engineering and technology for an individual’s development and a country’s success in global competitions; and to provide opportunities that inspire educators, youth, and parents for the development of future leaders and a competent workforce with high performance.

Empowering Students and Teachers

ZEFR wants to help all students, without discrimination of any kind, focusing on two key areas of student growth.

  • Desire to Learn: With the right motivation and guidance, students should enjoy learning new ideas and seek them out. ZEFR aims to foster interest in learning and train students in ways they can continue their learning independently.
  • Deep Exploration of Interests: ZEFR wants to challenge students to deepen their knowledge in the areas that interest them. In this way, students learn creative problem solving skills and the value of hard work.

ZEFR is also dedicated to training students and teachers to share these ideals with others. Students receive training on how to do outreach in their own communities and ZEFR’s Teacher’s Institute helps educators better inspire their own students.