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Math proficiency

ZEFR works to ensure K-12 students have access to tools for building a strong foundation in math.


ZEFR works to inspire students to use technology to apply what they've learned to the world around them.


ZEFR helps connect students share their passion with other like-minded individuals from around the word.

math enrichment

LA County Math Field Day

Through ZEFR, Areteem Institute has been able to partner with LACOE to help as problem writers and STEM Festival organizers for the LA County Math Field Day held each April for upper elementary to high school students.

LA County Math Field Day Awards
Virtual Roller Coaster at LA Science Fair Booth
STEM Outreach

Science Fair Outreach

Interactive booths with STEM activities, including our popular virtual roller coaster, help inspire student with math games, physics experiences, and more. Past booths have been at events such as the National Intel Science Fair and the LA County Science Fair.

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