Teacher’s Institute

Mathematics education researchers recognize the importance of mathematical preparation for teaching grades K-12. Mathematics is often taught in primary and secondary schools as a set of algorithms bypassing the conceptual understanding needed to advance to higher levels. The need for teachers to have a good procedural understanding of the arithmetic of integers, fractions and decimals, as well as a sound conceptual understanding of the fundamentals is essential, as they must provide their students with this needed understanding for reaching higher levels of mathematical thinking. Please watch the video and hear what the teachers who have attended the Teacher’s Institute have to say about their experiences.

Our Teacher’s Institute aims to show participants that deep understanding of elementary ideas is attainable in K-12 classrooms, and one way to cultivate this understanding is through engaging problems. The Institute’s philosophy is that learning mathematics can be motivated by interesting problems. The idea is to come up with problems whose solutions require, or strongly motivate, the development of the area of mathematics to be learned.

Participants of the Teacher’s Institute are expected to attend two 3-hour classes each day and spend an hour each night in a study hall to practice the skills learned during the classes.