Zoom International Math League, ZIML

Math is FUN!

Math Is Fun! The Online ZIML Math Competition Do you love math?  Do you enjoy problem solving?  Do you love puzzles? Do you want to see how math is fun?  You’re not alone.  Do you know math lovers just like you? There are more math lovers out there!

Join the many math lover’s and put your skills to the test …literally! We made a math test just for you….and hundreds of others around the globe to take The Online ZIML Math Competition on a monthly basis at the first weekend of every month from anywhere there is an internet access.  To make your experience more worth mentioning, you may ask one of your school teachers or staff to proctor the test for you. Register now to sign up.

The Online ZIML Math Competition is easy to take. Anytime, anywhere during the three day period, log-on, spend an hour and see how good you are!   We modeled the questions after the problem sets from our summer camps competitions and put them online so more students can enjoy them!

If you thought plain, old live math competitions were fun, try this! You can enter into a competition that will cover everything from algebra, geometry, combinatorics, number theory and more competing against students from around the country and internationally!  The three day window allows for students to log into the competition webpage at any time during the weekend and is NOT a three day event. We just gave you an extra day just in case!

Registration:  Register now to sign up.

To enter the competition you will need to create a free account with your own chosen username and password in order to log into the webpage we will be hosting this event on. The cost is $10 per individual student to sign up.  However, if you can gather five students to participate together, the fee is waived!

Every student’s account is unique and only YOU can access the competition under the account that you create. On the day of the competition all you need to do is simply log into your account. Once you are in, the competition will begin immediately, on your marks, get set, go!

There are five levels of the contest for students at a wide range of levels. Prizes will be given to the top students of each level, so more opportunities to win! Winners in Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be sent to certificates or trophies within one week of the competition.

Register now to sign up.