Zoom International Math League, ZIML

Math Is Fun! The Online ZIML Math Competition
Do you love math?  Do you enjoy problem solving?  Do you love puzzles? Do you want to see how math is fun?  You’re not alone.  Join the Zoom International Math League today!

Supported by ZEFR and Areteem Institute, Zoom International Math League (ZIML) is an educational program to help students expand their mathematical problem solving by practicing everyday. Visit the ZIML homepage for more information. A free account is all it takes to get started!

Free ZIML Resources

ZEFR is happy to support ZIML and ensure that most resources are available at no charge to students. ZIML features resources for students in upper elementary school up to advanced high school.

  • ZIML’s Daily Magic Spells feature a free problem each day. After submitting the problem, students can return the next day for a full solution. The Daily Magic Spells are a great way for students to continuously learn and practice.
  • ZIML’s Contest Archives feature real problems from past math contests and allow students a chance to take mock exams to simulate the stress of a time-limit during competition.
  • The ZIML Forum is a perfect place for students to ask questions and connect with students from around the world!

Access to the free ZIML resources are available at ziml.areteem.org or on the ZIML Mobile App.

Resources for Teachers

Teachers interested in using ZIML in their classroom are invited to visit the ZIML Teacher’s page here.

ZEFR is committed to helping ZIML offer additional resources to teachers, including free registration for the ZIML Monthly Contests for teachers and their students.

Get Involved!

Interested in volunteering to help grow the ZIML community? Log into your account (or create a new account) on the ZIML site and fill out the following forms: