Helping Disadvantaged Students Gain Access to Resources in STEM

In today’s technology-driven world, it is necessary for students to learn how math can be applied to real-world problems and how it is used every day by professionals in science, engineering, and technology. Mathematics is the foundation for majority of the advanced study fields in STEM. The study of in-depth mathematics helps develop analytical, logical, and critical thinking skills. Too often, gifted students are left unchallenged and unengaged, while struggling students are left behind and never catch up. This could cause students lose interests in math. Especially for students from a disadvantaged background who are not aware of resources other than their regular school, they could just pass by the opportunities to advance in the field, and then pass by the opportunities to get into a career in STEM.

ZEFR aims to provide free information and training sessions to students and parents, and help them identify the resources available to improve the mathematics foundation, and understand how to approach it to bring out the students’ talents and potential.

ZEFR aims to expose all students to free resources and scholarship opportunities in STEM education as well as training to help students make and find their own opportunities. Whether a student’s goal is acceptance to a prestigious college, or need some guidance with getting started on a study group in mathematics cotest events, a science project for their local science fair, ZEFR wants to help!