ZEFR Outreach

ZEFR has been actively reaching out to community groups and providing engaging STEM activities.  Here are some pictures from recent events.

ZEFR is constantly looking to collaborate with schools, districts and communities to bring fun activities to the students.

ZEFR also wishes to identify highly motivated students or students with special talents and gifts who would not normally be capable of developing their abilities or reaching their potentials without additional support.


ZEFR is grateful for the scholarship donations made by the Math Zoom Academy (an initiative by Areteem Institute) for four years that supported students from the KIPP School to attend the prestigious Math Zoom Summer Program from 2009 to 2012.

Areteem Institute is offering several scholarship prizes for winners of the Math Competition, ZIML – Zoom International Math League.  Do you know a talented math student that needs encouragement to discover their natural gifts?  Call for more details on how qualified students can compete for free, (Teacher recommendation required).  Call (949) 305-1705.